If you want to get a taste of  a zombie apocalypse you just have to shop electronics on a Black Friday! We took it slow though. Started with a jump into the softish mosh pit at the Sci-fi book shop, as we loooove so much. Checked out GoT 6, but didn’t buy – NO DISCOUNT 😦 BUHU !!! Ordered from CDON instead as they offered a  50 % discount this Black Friday.




Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce Statue (special collectable only accessable if you preorder the  game) worth 50 euro for 100 % DISCOUNT at Gamestop for Dude!!! Freakin’ HAPPY FACE*






Some colourful trinkets for Nimla as well

+ some led lights for Babe’s kinky corner.


Must say that this was some WICKED Black Friday ! 


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