Random thoughts on Black Friday and commerce


Planet Earth has a name, it’s Tellus – then it’s personal, and it’s ours. Our one and only vessel, in space, around the Sun. I care for it deeply, I cry every week in my deep love for it.. but we’re on a path we can no longer return from… the ice is already melting, the ocean is dead within a few years, the global environmental catastrophy is near.. What we need to do is to radically change TODAY!!! ALL need to barter again just like old times, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US use wind and solar energy, eat only vegan foods from our own hydroponic gardens, bike to work and never ever make anything new again … but who is on??? Are YOU game??? No, didn’t think so.. I don’t only buy new things, I actually mostly shop second hand or am given stuff for free or make them myself – but I have as hard time to change radically as fast as I need to in order to save our world and our lives as you, that’s the ugly ugly truth, and no I’m not proud of it at all.   



I have a secret thought. That all we do is meant to be done. That we’re meant to have wars.. nuke even…several – in order to get real true hard solid global peace for a thousand years or so. Perhaps we’re meant to be very inventive and recourceful to invent innovative stuff so we can colonize the rest of space, that Tellus is the egg… Yes, it will be SO harsh, so many will die horribly, Earth as we know it will be gone forever.. but we will continue to develope, perhaps we will live on as some sort of robots, but what we created will live on – for some purpose we don’t understand today. I mean.. if we went back to the year 1498 and showed them a video game.. you get me? And if we knew in the future that space travels started with kids sitting all day with a PS4 device on ground in the begining of the 2nd millenia… are you with me? So commerse and to shop some of all that crap might be necessary for future people and future development. All these kids into Dreamhack, Fragbite Masters with its Counter-Strike och Starcraft , Electronic Sports World Cup, Intel Extreme Masters Major League Gaming, World Cyber Games – Olympics, The International with Dota 2 .. they don’t sit with second hand computers.. A L L these kids – their great great grand kids might be the future star fighters!! Ever thought of that? If we don’t shop we’ll drop.. (not sure my secret thought came through here..) 


It’s not abt things at all. It’s abt the spiritual journey. When all of you understand that, we will have THE Awakening. A spiritual awakening is not the best feeling in the world. It can often be accompanied by strong feelings of despair and deep sadness when becoming more and more aware of all the suffering in the world, even depression for some people. Once we know, we can’t go back, and we suddenly feel responsible. What you feel is completely normal. You have to go through it. Don’t think you have a problem or that you are too weak. Once we suddenly « see » and « understand » things, it can sometimes be a shock. For example, when I discovered the horror of animal cruelty in the food industry and slaughterhouses and when I then decided to really investigate it , I went through a depression, not wanting to see anybody and do anything, just cry all the tears of my heart and soul. I then decided to act about it. Today, I don’t regret to know what I know, it makes me a stronger and an even more responsible person. Then i decided to act abt the dying ocean, then the wetlands, then neglected children, refugees..and so on and so forth. And I will continue to cry and become more and more awakened while I’m moving forward through the world torments. If I could I would live in a Solar survival Earth ship house – naked, buying nothing, eat nuts and berries, collect rain water and poo in Nature, but governments do NOT allow it! 


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