Today was the very last day at the radio station office. I didn’t show much, but had a melt down on the inside. Lifted out my chair and computer, had some papers signed.. the last act at my beloved place and 60.000 radio listeners… 

Never said “goodbye” or anything, just hugs and “we’ll be in touch”. Well we actually don’t know if we will be able to rise again with that radio show. Might have some answers in february 2017. 

Got help with my last stuff and a lift home. Then I just stared out the window for a couple of hours.. sipped on the blackest of black coffee. Life has made a turn…

radio-flyttSo so sooooo silent….



But screaming on the inside aaaarrrrggghhhh*

Have to get this THE DYING POD podcast up and running fast now!



The last pics of the office

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giphy-1    tumblr_static_34f4bjscmn8kgw04wokkk4c48      cute_glitter_heart_png_by_dashawtygaga-d63aeo6

Also sent my last show on the radio today. You can listen to it here ( in swedish though):

The last pics from the big radio station and from our small jingle recording studio

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Well, that was that. Mischief managed. This is just hopefully not the total end tumblr_n54zjwowsk1tp550ho1_250 

Now it is instead focus on the next project

THE DYING POD podcast !!!!

weeoo weeoo*

THE DYING POD podcast soon in a pocket near you!!




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