December, that time when you bake devil buns with saffron to shoo off the devil in cat disguise hurting the little children in times of the deepest dark with.. or?



No, again that’s words from christian people trying to demonize another beautiful natural heathen Nature act, namely to bake SUN BUNS filled with saffron to make them as SUNNY as possible to celebrate the coming LIGHT after the deepest darkest time of the year, a tradition for heathens since thousands of years! SUN BUNS  😀

I made some of these really old sun bun models from my very old cook book + some of my own as the septagram, the pentagram and the dragon.

What do y’all think ?


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The funny one of the old ones was the so called “boy”

I think I perhaps didn’t get why

untill I was about to eat one . . 




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