The last one of our favourite hang outs will die tonight!!! We now count 9 out of 9 clubs that are out, in the genre synth / goth / EBM / fetish. And it freaks us out – totally !!! It’s HORRIBLE! Devastating!! Breaks our hearts. It’s just too much to say goodbye to!




1. Van Guardia

2. Club Freitag

3. Club Kid

4. Hellnight

5. Vogon Variety

6. Club Roissy

7. Kinky Messy Horny

8. Club Darkness

9. Decadance


..nor have we seen much of Wicked Mill or the other beloved steampunk / circus sideshow clubs.. where did they go ??

We have to find a way to mend this city back to its former fun party place for creatures like us – me, Babe & Dude. Stay tuned, for oh we will give reports!

Meanwhile –> some photos from the last aggrotech nights arranged by club VanGuardia @ the Tango Palace with our naughty stomper gang:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





Stomp served these nights


F U Q  Y E E E A A H  ! ! ! !

~   End of story  ~   


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