@ the yearly Xmas party for synth people \o/

This year we particularly look forward to it as it has our fav bands !!!

We are SOOOOOO exited !!!!! It will be a loooong night😀   WOOP WOOP*

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Spacelab.TV has now become a regular feature of electriXmas. We’re glad to welcome them back once again for their fun (and alcohol) filled live streaming synth pre-party!

 Online Live-stream
16.00 – 19.00 –  Follow the live stream here:

Band Schedule

19.00   Doors Open
Bar Stage
19.30 – 20.00   BLACK NAIL CABARET
20.15 – 20.55   WULFBAND
    DJ’s will play all night in the Bar stage
20.30   Open main stage
Main Stage
21.00 – 21.45   ISZOLOSCOPE
22.00 – 23.00   LEGEND
23.15 – 00.45   COVENANT
01.30   Close main room
03.00   Venue close


DJ The Fixx
DJ The Fixx has organised her own clubs in both Stockholm and London for over 10 years, and has guest DJ’d in other events around Sweden. The Fixx mixes everything she likes and always throws in some well-chosen exciting melodies that fit a dancefloor that likes to move. Those of you who have been to her clubs including Club PlusOne know what to expect; to be surprised, plus recognise dear old gems from the 80s onwards.

DJ Sand
With a talent for spotting a tune and making sure it’s non-stop on the dancefloor Sand will be keeping you entertained with some classic synthpop. Resident DJ at eX, Club [re]form and Vogon Variety.

DJ Robot
One of the original dj’s of Vogon Variety, Robot is back! With many years of club air-time under his belt he knows exactly how to keep you dancing. Playing again at eX and digging deep into his archives Robot will be spinning some hard-edged EBM and Aggrotech for your aural pleasure!

DJ Simon
With a background of ex-residency at Slimelight London, club residencies at BEATNATION (Ghent) Blitzark (Brussels) as well as appearances at Infest Festival, Inferno and Underworld in the UK, to name a few, Simon will be bringing an eclectic mix to this years electriXmas.


Official Afterparty

ex_logo_square-ex_whitebg_512x512The night is still young when we close our doors, but don’t despair! Come to the official afterparty together with our friends Neostalgia! All electriXmas visitors and other revellers are welcome to the official electriXmas after-party at Deep Club. There will be DJs from electriXmas and Nostalgia to serve both classic synth hits as well as fresh new hard-edged electronica. Deep Club is less than a 5-minute walk from electriXmas and is open until 5am. Address: Amiralsgatan 20, 211 55 Malmö


Inkonst is an international art center in Malmö featuring music, theatre, dance, performances, film, literature and art all under the same roof. The aim is to present the world of contemporary art and create a platform for the new upcoming, along with the already established generation of artists, directors, musicians, film makers and culture promoters, nationally and internationally. Focusing on interdisciplinary works and offering a platform for experimentation we want to establish new perspectives on performance art. The aim is to initiate and foster long-term artistic collaborations and stimulate international co-production and cooperation between different fields of art. Inkonst is located in the former chocolate factory Mazetti in the centre of Malmö, between the city districts Möllevången and Triangeln.

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artist_covenant_150x200Covenant produced their first publicly released track, “The Replicant”, by invitation of Swedish record label Memento Materia. “The Replicant” was released on a compilation album in 1992. By 1994, the group had produced enough material to release their debut album “Dreams of a Cryotank”. The album with its themes of human failings and environmental concerns wrapped up in a fabric of distorted industrial electronics was a huge hit and has achieved status among many as a classic of the genre. 14 years later the album and its hits “Theramin”, “Hardware Requiem” and “Speed” still hold up against many of todays releases. After a string of hits, several changes of labels and band members, not to mention critical acclaim, Covenant will be releasing their 9th studio album “Blinding Dark” in November this year and heading out on a European tour. We are hugely excited to welcome them back to electriXmas to help us round off the year!

Icelandic trio Legend has something to prove. This band doesn’t conform to the usual conventions of what you’d call industrial, electro-rock or darkwave. But while they know the rules of those genres, they choose to shatter them and assemble a new entity from the jagged pieces. Using synths, classical piano and skilled vocals, Krummi Björgvinsson & Halldor Björnsson weave a diverse sound. The band’s mesmerising live shows have been so well-received that they’ve been invited to play prestigious festivals all around the world, including Terminus (CA), Wave Gotik Treffen (DE), the UK’s Infest Festival, to name but a few.
Legend’s debut album ‘Fearless’, released in 2012 on Artoffact Records/Kimi Records, is an intense clinic embalmed with longing, sexuality, and spirit. Legend are currently in the studio writing their second album. We’re thrilled to be able to bring them back to Malmö where they should have had their debut show in Sweden at electriXmas 2013. We have it from reliable sources that we’ll be treated to some new material from the forthcoming album!

Artist_Iszoloscope_150x200Iszoloscope, the electronic noise project of Canadian Yann Faussurier explores themes of death, time, human dislocation and the human psyche to a backdrop of hard electronics and rhythmic beats. Powerful and danceable the music still manages to evoke feelings of reflection and introspection by using samples intricately woven into the mix.
Last seen in Sweden at the club night [re]form in Malmö in late 2011 we thought it was prime time to bring them back! Iszoloscope will be performing an exclusive show with tracks from the new album “False Vacuum” released earlier this year, as well as remixes and unreleased material. We can’t wait!

Over the last couple of years Wulfband have made their mark as a live band on the alternative scene.
The yet undisclosed identities of the duo pave the way for myths surrounding the band that are becoming more and more intense, with many creative suggestions as to the true individuals behind the masks.
Despite their obvious roots in old school EBM, they still manage to put their own touch to the music. Wulfband takes EBM back to what Nitzer Ebb did in the 80s and serves hard, minimalistic and aggressive electro.
 Wulfbands self-titled debut album is an explosion of energy with ingenious breaks in the midst of primal aggression. All showing that they know their craft and how best to use it. Just like EBM should be – raw, sweaty and dirty!

Artist_BNC_150x200Black Nail Cabaret formed in 2008 in Budapest, Hungary with Emese Árvai-Illés (vocals) and Zsófia Tarr (keyboards) who left the band in 2016 to pursue her own music project, replaced by Krisztian Arvai. The band has been playing shows since their debut in 2010 both as a featured act at Schwarzes Leipzig Tanzt, RECession Festival, Planet Myer Day, and as a support band with Camouflage, Covenant, De/Vision, in Hungary, Germany, the United Kingdom and Denmark. Inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Eurythmics and Soft Cell, Black Nail Cabaret (or simply BNC) showcase their own niche of melancholic synth pop, which they simply call synth noir.
2016 sees the band riding the wave of their 2nd album “Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me”. We’re delighted to welcome them to their premier in Sweden!


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