Just in time for the premiere for the new Harry Potter movie, Holmgången turns into Diagon Alley for a day !


Christmas market with magic, mysterious peddlers selling all manner of goods and of course coffee @ SOCKERBIT! We were warmly welcomed to be enchanted!

This Holmgången is only 3 squaremeter big.. and what happens? Well, 7000 people turned up!!!! (there was only room for 170) The cue slithered through the whole town..poor little kids, in proper outfit and all, it was freezing cold outside, and all had to stand in line for hours and hours.

We were all so very disapointed, what a miscalculation from the event managers! We had a cup of coffee and licked our deep wounds somewhere else,  for not being able to participate in this PERFECT december event 😥


Welcome to Candlemas Market in Lykttändargränd (Diagon Alley)! Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there were actually witches and wizards who lived in Malmö and Skåne, in the same way as in the books and films of Harry Potter? LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) family Vivamus vitae and Dictum Factum Malmo invite you to come to Holmgången in Malmö on 11/12, sometime between 12-18 to discover it for yourself. This day wizards and witches keep their annual Christmas market where they sell wands, potions and everything else mysteriously as they need. Actually, Savory Market in Lykttändargränd is a LARP – a sort of a combination of free theatre and cosplay (costume play) – but this time, you and all others who are curious are welcome to come by and watch. Are you really interested, you can even be involved and play a little bit. Then we try to give you a mission that you can solve in an hour or so. Are you an aspiring witch or wizard yourself there are plenty of things to buy – rods, alchemical preparations, spell books, magical notebooks, pens, candy, candles and much more – but remember: the wand chooses the magician, not vice versa! If you’re just curious we promise that this is the most magical Christmas market you’ll visit this year. Very welcome!


Here some of our own photos from the day:

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It was too bloody cold so we first went to stare at the Harry Potter gadgets & books @the SciFi Book Store right across the street.. also sniffled while we looked out the window from in there, at the cue -the never ending story, before we went to a Barista cave in China Town for some hot coffee.


Few photos from the 170 who got in: 

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