The Swedish Podcast prize is the largest and only podcast prize in Sweden. The prize has been arranged and distributed by Daytona since 2006.

Interest in pods has never been greater and the competition has probably never been as tough as this year. In 2015 it was voted more than 120,000 times in the final and a total of 198 pieces were nominated pods. This year’s prize has been given a completely new identity, is greater than ever and more fun to follow for both poddare and listeners. New this year is that the prize is designed to be easier for those who vote and that the nomination phase has become more exciting with an updated voting process and more categories to compete in = more winners!

Nominations: November 14 to 27

The public nominate their favorites and can then vote once a day until 27 November. Five podcasts with the most votes in each category will advance to the finals. Most votes = final.

Final: November 28-December 11

The number of votes of the nomination starts from zero again. The public can vote once per day on the finalists they think will win, until 11 December. The most votes wins.


Prize and this year’s categories

Categorizing pods is not easy and we’ve made it super easy for you to vote – you do not think about it at all!We automate this part of the price and let iTunes categorization of pods do the work. In addition to these categories, we have two categories – Best Newcomer and the most prestigious award, the Year podcast, which is awarded to the podcast with the highest number of votes, regardless of category.

Here are this year’s categories:

Society and Culture
News and Politics
Business and Economy
Authority and organization
Children and family
Arts & Lifestyle
Comedy and Entertainment
Religion and spirituality
Games and hobbies
Sports and leisure
TV and film
Science and Medicine
Newcomer of the Year
This year’s podcast

What are our podcast habits like?

In conjunction with this year’s main pods appointed, carry out a survey on Daytona podcast habits. The aim is to obtain and disseminate a deeper knowledge on the subject. The results presented in early 2017.



This is the spot:



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