Yup, she ripped out her own eyes and sent them to a lover….


Have never ever understood why we celebrate this very disturbed young lady from Syracuse / Italy. But FINALLY we now heard on the news that this celebration has started to vanish. YES!  We’ve also tried variations but…nope, doesn’t help. Here some examples:

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In the early medieval times, and earlier, this was the day for Midwinter celebration for the old norse pagans up here near the north pole. So covering this up must have been another desperate christian act. I mean, why adopt a celebration from down Europe when we do have a beautiful one ourselves and one that really make sense?!? 


Miðjum Vetri

old norse meaning Midwinter. In Asatru and ancient custom in Sweden they performed a blot (animal offering) ceremony followed by Yúle festivities at the winter solstice, ie a few days before todays Christmas Eve. This was a spiritual ceremony with elements of Seid and Incantations (vocals). The focus is often on the Sun’s return, the desire for a good harvest, but also in the power of winter and Yúle, like Ull and Jolner. The subsequent Guild often had a traditional Yúle table with festive and rich Yúle food.

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