For it’s my BIRTHDAY today ! 😀

And I never celebrate just one day – I take many ! Why? BECAUSE I CAN !!!! 😀


On the list:

1. Clowning with kids

2. See the Star Wars movie ROGUE ONE on the premiere

3. Have cake out on the countryside

4. Consert night with record lable  (DONE! it was the Xmas fest last SAT)

5. Party with friends

6. Party with creators

7. Evening coffee with collegues

8. And some extra (there is always some extra😎 )


And I LOVE Dude & Babe who made such an effort this day and put all in it to honour me and look extra specially good after my taste, how sweet!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I LOVE YOU GUYS 😀




For the lovely kids with cuteness overload I had a fully packed party schedule yesterday with: nose-blow-hockey, tongue-swirl-game, chocolate race, the gift game, “Say Ice!”, booty wobble, art making, bangers & mash dinner and frizzling ice cream! 😀


Seated @1:25 PM in the grand Royal movie theatre on seat 117 row 5



It’s hard to follow around a circus crew and walk around in the mud between the old gipsy wagons for the old folks, so I went out to the rural give them a chance to have their celebration for me  🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(this is the pre-party to Xmas @ Åsa’s & Olof’s shack down town)  AMAZING FEST with AMAZING PEOPLE & FRIENDS!




We had a lovely creative party atmosphere with punk & synth cover versions of old christmas songs, drank a few buckets of whiskey & chocolate chili glögg (hot wine with almond and raisin) and some yummies on the side and created sloppy but happily 😀



TO ME ! 


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