With this machine you can do some intense muscle workouts in a VR flying simulation!!!

You might have seen a number of Virtual Reality simulations, but none quite like this one so far. We have seen driving, racing, flying and even rowing. ICAROS has built a flying simulation designed as an intense workout that forces you to really use all your muscles. They say that the machine focuses on effectively three aspects: Balance, Reflex, and Concentration. All of these to provide you an intensive exercise routine to strengthen various muscle groups. AND WE WANT TO TRY IT OUT!!! 😀

So how does it work?

This machine, the ICAROS, requires you to balance and navigate using your body. You are positioned in a stationary position, put on your virtual reality goggles, and are in an immersive flying environment. All the while, in order to fly you need to shift your body around to sustain various directions and motions in flight. WOW!!! 😀

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They have designed the equipment so that you are using a wide variety of the body to sustain flight. The simulation enables you to build strength of various intensities on the chest, shoulders, abs, neck, triceps, lateral abdominal (stomach) muscles, quads and calves. It also looks very …sexy, ehumr*… 😛


The virtual reality market could be worth $30 billion by 2020, claims tech M&A advisory firm Digi-Capital. Most of that growth is expected to come from sales of VR headsets, games, and videos.

171 million people could be using VR hardware and software worldwide by 2018, according to research firm KZero. The firm categorizes the majority of those users as “early majority (mainstream)” users including kids, tweens, and teens, indicating that VR headsets could replace or complement gaming consoles.

500 million VR headsets could be sold by 2025, according to Piper Jaffray.


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