We here in The Dying Pod podcast crew are horrified by the fact that Donald Trump goes against the modern tech and world development

and under the first minute as president of U.S.A. rip up and erase all the Earth agreements made unified by habitants of Tellus to MAYBY be able to save at least a little bit of this remaining earthly Paradise from total Destructive Death Doom actually already initiated and as we now can see clearly with the horrible new hurricanes, terrible flooding, drought, halestorms, tsunamis and so on – raging across our planet not distinguishing anybody from anyone and shuffles us ALL along the mortal coil really fast and with no mercy whatsoever! 


Top climate experts give their advice to Donald Trump

The world’s climate leaders were asked for their messages to Trump ahead of his inauguration as the 45th US president:


Michael Liebreich, founder of analyst firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance and who has advised the UN and World Economic Forum on energy:

If I had one minute with president elect Trump my message would be that the best way to ‘Make America great again’ is by owning the clean energy, transportation and infrastructure technologies of the future. Not only will this create countless well-paid, fulfilling jobs for Americans, but will also lock in the US’s geopolitical leadership for another generation.


Prof John Schellnhuber, at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, and who has advised Angela Merkel, the Pope and the EU:

“Mr President, if you want to make China great again, you have to stay the course you have promised. I think it would be the end of US domination in innovation, in economics. If you try to take the US backwards to the days of mountain top removal [for coal] in West Virginia and all those things, then you will just make sure China becomes No 1 in all respects. In the end, you would produce precisely what you promised to avoid to your electorate.”


Prof Dame Julia King, an eminent engineer and one of the UK government’s official advisers at the Committee on Climate Change:

If President Trump wants to deliver greater job security for Americans, he should focus on clean and sustainable industries where the US has a competitive advantage. Those are the sectors that are set to prosper. He needs to build an economy for 2050, not one for 1950.

Leading climate change economist, Lord Nicholas Stern, at the London School of Economics:

If you want to make America great again, building modern, clean and smart infrastructure makes tremendous commercial and national sense, In the longer term, the low carbon growth story is the only growth story on offer. There is no long-term, high-carbon growth story, because destruction of the environment would reverse growth.

Mark Campanale: founder of the Carbon Tracker Initiative thinktank:

If you’re interested in quality, high paying and skilled jobs for the American middle classes, then renewable energy has to absolutely be the place to look. It’s a sector with more employees now than in the US coal industry and with a long way to grow.

Prof James Hansen, director of the Earth Institute, Columbia University, and ‘father of climate change awareness’:

“If [Trump] wants to achieve the things that he claimed he would: improving the situation of the common man, the best way he could do this would be a programme of a rising carbon fee with the money distributed to the public.”


Jennifer Morgan, co-executive director of Greenpeace International:

[Mr Trump] you might not realise it yet, but your action, or inaction, on climate will define your legacy as president. The renewable energy transformation is unstoppable and, if the US chooses to turn its back on the future, it will miss out on all the opportunities it brings in terms of jobs, investment and technology advances. China, India and others are racing ahead to be the global clean energy superpowers and surely the US, led by a businessman, does not want to be left behind.


Alden Meyer, at the Union of Concerned Scientists in the US:

Trump’s stance threatens to diminish America’s standing in the world and to weaken the ability of US companies and workers to compete in the rapidly growing global market for clean energy technologies.


May Boeve, head of climate campaign group 350.org:

Quit. But if you have to stick around, realise that the clean energy economy is the greatest, biggest job creator in history.



is the face of the person who could be the one who will 


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Think about that for a moment…..


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