state planet or origin
but you told us you travelled thousands of light years to get here
tell us the truth
it is truth. I am from Earth. From your future. To travel in time is to travel in space. Offset spacial divergence.
so.. aliens took over our future?
so you’re human?
an evolutionary decendent
so you evolved from us?
so what are you doing here now?
observing – since evidence was destroyed
nuclear.. war. Small numbers survived. Our ancestors.
how abt we concentrate on your time!
you are not capable to comprehending… or accepting.. the discoveries of my time
try me!
the origin of the universe… the nature of so called life.. it is known
so you know the meaning of life?
not meaning. Nature. Meaning is something that is ascribed. Nature is the objective reality.
so you know how the universe was created?
so you’ve seen God?
we evolved past a need for superstition. The need for a God or other myths.
Illuminate us! What happens when we die?
Death is a human construct. It does not exist. You will experience.. and have experienced every instance of so called life. You. Me. Him. We are instances of the same life, separated by what you call Death.
Ok so let me get this straight – there’s no Death and we all experience each others life?
In essence, yes
So how was the universe created, and why is it so perfectly made for us?
There are an infinite number of universes. Each with different physical properties. Virtually all do not support life… such as you know it. We exist in a universe that does support so called life. That is all.
.. oh.. moving on…
so why do we destroy ourselves with nuclear war?
can you be more specific?
political and religious dogma, it is the root of all major conflicts of your species. In your next century… access to weaponry of mass destruction… by states that are ruled by dogma… will destroy your species.
one last thing.. what abt morality? what do you base your morality on?
compassion and evidence.
I see. That’s it. Thank you.




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