Now we have had night open for the homeless for a total of 60 nights and the word has spread. We have the last nights had over 80 people with us who otherwise lacked shelter. It is clear that the need is great.

Since two weeks we have a “Night Guest Book” and using it, we try to share with visitors and engaged words and thoughts. There has also been a series of portraits of the night guests – volunteers and visitors – about why they are here and what the Night open means to them.


“It’s very nice here, very good atmosphere indeed, very cozy. I was actually surprised that it was so good atmosphere. It is also very peaceful to be a night watchman. It provides peace of mind to be here, to do a good job and be appreciated. it is a good community, a good bunch of people! and it’s so good uppstyrt, with all the information, instructions, clear roles. it is easy to follow and work. ” // Ingvar


In swedish and for those living in Malmö and nearby:

Med ökat antal besökare så ökar också trycket på oss som jobbar – och vi behöver akut bli fler för att vi ska kunna fortsätta. Redan nu i helgen har vi luckor i schemat. Kan du tänka dig att skippa en utekväll i månaden för att andra ska kunna tillbringa nätterna inomhus? Tillsammans gör vi skillnad!

Läs alla inlägg på Facebook under taggen #nattgästboken!

Anmäl dig genom att maila engagemang@kontrapunktmalmo.net eller ringa/sms:a 0736-159949.

Sprid ordet!




It will steadily more and more visitors to night open, and moreover hit people visit the kitchen records week after week – over 110 servings is now served each day. It’s fun to be able to fill so many stomachs, but it takes a lot of food and drink. But that goes for most, and especially at night and in the morning when it’s time to head out for another day in the cold reality is that we are least of all donations – namely coffee.

We would therefore like to make a special announcement about coffee need – we take right now gratefully accept all forms of brewed coffee! Individual donations of a package or large / regular from the shops / businesses – everything helps!

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For our locals:

Vi vill därför göra ett särskilt utrop om kaffebehovet – vi tar just nu tacksamt emot alla former av bryggkaffe! Enstaka donationer av ett paket eller stora/ regelbundna från butiker/företag – allt hjälper!
Det går bra att komma förbi och lämna på Västanforsgatan 21 måndag-fredag mellan 12-20,

eller maila mat@kontrapunktmalmo.net



Kampanjen Solidaritet Värmer fortsätter för att möjliggöra att Nattöppet kan hålla ut hela vintern.
Sprid ordet och fortsätt donera!

★ Swish 1230810333 / BG 607-1294 ★



★ Kontrapunkt Sociala Center (Västanforsgatan 21) – Måndag-Torsdag 17-20
Internet och bemannad reception, möjlighet för grupper att använda mötesrum.

  • Folkkök – måndag-torsdag 17-20
  • Freeshop – måndag-torsdag 17-20
  • Solidarisk matmarknad – måndag-torsdag 17-19
  • Asylstöd – varannan torsdag 18-20 (9/2, 23/2, 9/3, 23/3)
  • Infoträff – varannan onsdag 18-19.30 (15/2, 1/3, 15/3, 29/3, 12/4, 26/4, 10/5, 24/5)

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