Nimla Elevenstar started with radio in 2012 by co-hosting for Radio Hibiscus, a culture & environment editorial  broadcasted once á week at the local radiostation. 2013 she took over the Radio Mundo current affairs show with 60.000 listeners in the 3rd largest city of Sweden. Radio editor, radio host and in charge of the media relations up till last of November 2016 due to severe cuts. Before end of the same month she started up this independent podcast – of all that dying love for making radio! Though she was soon brought back to the local radiostation, already in february 2017 on the very last funding, and kept on till last of December 2017, broadcasting her last show on the 29th.

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The Dying Pod podcast crew





Nimla loves making radio, to have fun, cosplaying and going to all sorts of fairs and fun happenings, special love is circus sideshow. She stands for gay rights, equal rights, human rights, animal rights. Vegan, environmentalist, protector of the dying oceans and wetlands. A poet, singer and musician in the band Diurnal Poppet. She makes everything her self, sewing her own pants, cooking, baking. Raw food, fregan, second hand, flee markets always on the list. Has a number of really weird friends, outcasts, misfits, entities and oddities. Collector of giraffes. HSP. Surrounded by Light.




Dude loves the night, forgotten places, going to EBM and goth concerts, gaming, read abt history, have a sip of smokey single malt and listen to dark wave music. Dude spend a lot of time in the studio making music for the band Silent Burden. Dude loves to drink beer outdoors in the parks on grand synth picnic’s with the underground crowd from all over the world. Omni-sexual pan-amore, dualist, dicotome, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, mysterious, silent. Miss dad all the time, freak out on stupid people and consume a lot of liquorice. ENFJ. Surrounded by Dark.





Babe is both fire and ice. The snakebarer, the serpenticus. Loves science, world progress, astrophysics, biochemistry and metaphysics. Likes to listen to both futurepop, dreampop and metal. A harsh leader by day, submissive fetishist by night. In between a romantic vampire babe who loves high heels, latex, cakes, fruits and juices. Babe is clairvoyant, neopaganist & a witch. Enjoys anything sci-fi, burlesque, vampire or steampunk. Spend a lot of time watching movies and tv-series. Loves architecture & design. Babe is a novelist, now working on a sci-fi chronicle. Ophiuchus. Surrounded by magic.





Goal for this podcast

Finish the 1st trip around the Sun together with you! 



We will travel with this one. The orbit will take 365 days and we will travel at the speed of 67.000 miles per hour. HOLD ON !!